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About XMLPipeDB

XMLPipeDB is an open source suite of Java-based tools for automatically building relational databases from an XML schema (XSD) with minimal manual processing of the data. While its applicability is intended to be general, the original motivation for XMLPipeDB was to create a solution for the management of biological data from different sources that are used to create Gene Databases for GenMAPP (Gene Map Annotator and Pathway Profiler),software for viewing and analyzing DNA microarray and other genomic and proteomic data on biological pathways. XMLPipeDB has a modular architecture with three components that may be used separately or together. XSD-to-DB reads an XSD (XML Schema Definition) and automatically generates an SQL schema, Java classes, and Hibernate mappings. XMLPipeDB Utilities provides functionality for configuring the database, importing data, and performing queries. GenMAPP Builder is based on the XMLPipeDB Utilities and exports GenMAPP-compatible Gene Databases based on data from UniProt and Gene Ontology (GO).

Visit the XMLPipeDB Project web siteat Loyola Marymount University.


Gene Database Testing Reports for Released Gene Databases


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